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How Do I Pay?
Updated over a week ago

Once you check out, you simply click on the “Pay Now” button either right on the site or by accessing your confirmation email.

At this point, an Interac window will pop up prompting you to:

1.) Choose your Bank and Sign In through Interac’s secure portal

2.) Choose The Account you would like to pay with

3.) Confirm the Interac Request for Payment – no need to add any info!

IMPORTANT: Please do not include any info in the memo portion of your payment. We will sync your payment to your order automatically!

Once confirmed, a message will pop up stating Payment Complete! Your order is now processing!

If you do not have time to finalize your payment or you accidentally exit the window, you can access the check-out process by navigating to your Account > Orders where you can open the order and continue to finalize payment.

Not all banks support the Interac Request for Payment feature. Here is a list of banks that do.

If your bank does not support the request for payment feature, you can still send an email money transfer by following these steps:

  • Log Into Your Bank

  • Locate Interac eTransfers

  • Add New Contact

  • Payee / Recipient Name: Blitz

  • Notify by Email: [email protected]

  • Memo: Your Order Number Only

This email is set up for auto-deposit, but if a security question and password is necessary, please use the following:

  • Security Question: favourite activity

  • Answer: painting

Once your payment has been received and your order has been moved into processing, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know.

With Blitz Payment Solutions, will soon be offering more payment options!

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